Change Logs

V3.5 Jun 13 2020

🔧Bug fixes and optimizations

🌋New Volcano Theme

🗿New Easter Island Theme

🔥New Apocalypse Theme


V3.4 Mar 7 2020

 🔧Some minor optimizations


V3.3 Dec 4 2019

🎅🏼Christmas Update🎄

❄️Added a Christmas Theme

☢️Added a Pollution Theme

🌍New animation intro when entering each mission

🔧Some minor optimizations

🚫Removed adaptive icon support


V3.2 Oct 27 2019

🌩️Added a "Storm" theme

🔧Bug fixes and optimizations


V3.1 Oct 2 2019

🌟Added a Theme menu

🎃Added a Halloween Theme

🌌Graphics Improvements

🚫Removed ad banner

🐞Bug fixes and optimizations


V3.0 Sep 23 2019

🔺Improved the GamePlay of "Rotating Triangle" and "Teleporting Triangle" in infinite game mode.

🌟New Icon with android Adaptive icon support.

📃Added some encouragement text when you destroy the right colors.

🐞Fixed some major bugs.

🔧Improvements and optimizations.


V2.95 Sep 16 2019

🔧Fixed 2 major bugs for the new "Moving Triangle game mode"


V2.9 Sep 15 2019

🔧Fixed some bugs

🌟Added some animation when you start the game in "Infinite game mode"


V2.8 Sep 14 2019

🕹️Now you control the Moving Triangle with a Joystick (Anywhere on the screen)

♾The Moving Triangle(In infinite Game Mode) is now an open world with new Stuff :

🏝️Colorful Islands

💣Floating Bombs


V2.7 Aug 31 2019

📝Fixed some typos


V2.6 Aug 29 2019

🌟Improvements in graphics and effects

⏭️Added a scene transition animation

🕹️Changed the control of the "Rotating Triangle" from buttons to touch

🔺Reduced the size of the "Rotating Triangle" by 20% to Improve the game play

🐞Fixed some bugs

↩️You can now use the back button in the main menu to navigate quickly

🦈Added a Shark sound fx


V2.5 Aug 23 2019

🆕A refreshing Update V2.5:

💫Improvements in animation

🕹️Better control for Moving Triangle(You can now drag your finger to move)

🌟Improvements in graphics

📉Reduced pop-up ads by 30% in the main menu

📳Added a shake effect to improve explosions

🔧Some Minor Optimizations


V2.4 Aug 12 2019

🐞Minor improvements and bug fixes.


V2.3 Aug 10 2019

🔧Minor improvements and bug fixes.


V2.2 Aug 4 2019

🐞Minor improvements and bug fixes.


V2.1 Jun 26 2019

⚠️Important Update v2.1

🔧Critical bug fixe for missions with rotating triangle mode, that causes the game to loop and doesn't finish the level even if the time runs out.


V2.0 Jun 19 2019

Huge Update 2.0

🆕Story mode with 36 unique missions

🔺New Infinite game mode: Teleporting Triangle

🏆Score menu is redesigned

🔧Some Minor Optimizations


V1.8 May 29 2019

⬇️Reduced app size by 30%

📱Added support for ARM64 devices

🌟Added adaptive icon support

🔧Improved graphics and performance


V1.6 May 24 2019

🌟Improved graphics and animations

🚀Support for 120FPS

🐞Fixed some bugs


V1.5 May 19 2019

🔧Fixed some important bugs

❌The ad banner should not appear in the moving triangle mode gameplay anymore.


V1.4 May 18 2019

🆕New Game Mode : Moving Triangle

💥Now you can destroy more stuff

🐞Bug fix and optimizations


V1.3 May 13 2019

🐞 Minor Bug fix and optimization


V1.2 Apr 19 2019

💥Graphics and animation improvements.

📱The game is now optimized for tablets.

🐞 Minor Bug fix and optimization.


V1.0 Apr 10 2019

💥Added abilities that can be unlock by destroying objects.

🛸Added 2 new power ups to help you destroy more stuff.

🦈 Added sharks to make the game more challenging.

🌟Added a new menu to view your level and abilities.

🏆Added statistics (How many colors and powerUps have you destroyed) in the score menu.

🐞 Minor Bug fix and optimization.


V0.4 Mar 14 2019

🐞 Minor Bug fix and optimization.

🏆 Added a HighScore Menu and the ability to share your score.

⏸️Added the ability to pause and resume by pressing the back button of your phone.


V0.3 Mar 12 2019

🐞 Minor Bug fix and optimization

🏆 Added a HighScore Menu and the ability to share your score


V0.2 Mar 9 2019

🐞 Minor Bug fix and optimization


V0.1 Mar 9 2019

First Release